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Bath Tub Deliverance

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I love being 80, but getting there was hazardous. Whoever makes it to 80 and beyond has nothing to brag about, because it’s only by God’s grace that anyone makes it to the lofty heights of being an octogenarian.

Just before turning 80, I had a major meltdown. Nothing in particular as far as I recall triggered it. From one moment to the next while sitting on a comfortable couch in our home, every bit of life was pulled, drained out of me. For the next three weeks I was like a dead man walking. I tried to understand what might have triggered it, but had only marginal success. I now know that the meltdown was “God-orchestrated.”

Meltdowns happen to everyone sooner or later; but few have the courage to talk about them. That’s a shame, because we can help each other by making ourselves vulnerable and transparent to one another. This letter from our friend Dick gave me that 20/20 vision – wisdom that I needed to understand what happened and then heal:

Dear Brother Peter,

How honored we are to be a tiny part of your expanding ministry, how kind of you to use our photos in your most recent epistle. Words fail to express the encouragement you have been to us across the years from our first encounter with you and Rebekah. Your prayer for us that day (1995) has had a life-changing effect. Ever so often the Holy Spirit brings some of the exact phrases of that prayer to the forefront of my memory.

You prayed: "Father, Dick's tub is full of the befouled water of hurts and battle scars of the years he has spent in ministry. Lord, would you pull the plug and drain out all the stained and tainted water and refill it with the fresh, clear water of your Holy Spirit. Let his ministry be such that all those who touch him will be refreshed and encouraged to a closer walk with You."

Few prayers have had the lasting impact on my life as yours has. Please know you are loved and appreciated.

Dick & Martha Lupton

Jesus pulled the plug on the befouled water in my tub; then He scrubbed the hell out of it before refilling it with clean, pure Life from heaven – His Life! Without Him, I would be a dead man.

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(Bath Tub Deliverance Cont)

If you have never had that kind of an experience, I pray that you will; and that you will be willing to endure the “scrubbing.”

My life is new and different. The Lion of Judah has breathed his Spirit into me. I have been “re-visioned.” I am ready for my “Moses Season.” Eighty is when Moses got started fulfilling his God-ordained purpose.

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By Fenelon

I hear you are sick? I suffer with you for I dearly love you. Still, I cannot help but kiss the hand that allows this illness. I pray that you will lovingly kiss it with me. You have abused your good health and this is the result.

God will not only show you how physically weak you are, but how spiritually weak you are without Him. How strong you will be when you see that you are completely weak. Then you will always be able to believe that you are mistaken. Open yourself to the insight of others. Do not be dogmatic. Speak the truth simply.

Allow others to evaluate you, but judge no one. Offer advice only to those who ask for it. Mention the faults of others without being heavy-handed or legalistic. And do not speak to gain a good reputation for yourself.

I pray that God will keep you faithful to His grace. “He that has begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.” (Philippians 1:6). Patiently bear with yourself. Give to the Lord all that annoys you. Do this quietly and peacefully. And do not expect things to change in a single day.

Think little and do much. If you are not careful, you will acquire so much knowledge that you will need another lifetime to put it all into practice. There is danger in thinking that you are perfect simply because you understand what it would be like to be perfect. All your beautiful thoughts do not help you die to yourself. Knowledge nourishes the life of Adam in you because you secretly delight in your revelation. Never trust your own power or your own knowledge. Be humble. Do not trust your old nature.

Peter's Nuggets

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More laws – more policemen! More love – fewer policemen!

Don’t correct me, direct me.

Don’t tell me where to go, take me there.

To be able to hear God’s voice, silence all phones one day a week.

Our God is bigger than Walmart.

We are all valuable and we are all needy.

Love is not giving what we have, but what the other person needs.

If you are a child of God, call home.

Preach all day long and use words if necessary

It's better to bite your tongue than to wag it.

Thy will be done equals - "I will let Jesus live His life through me."

Throw your bread upon the water and you will get back sandwiches.

If I am not grateful, I will not be a good steward of the gifts God has given to me.

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